• Proposal Board!

    we were asked to design and make a board for a couple to propose with!
    we are so honored!!
  • Kyle Keller

    we met on the street downtown and I refused to chug chocolate sauce for his video lol, but then we collaborated on a board for a vid! he da man

    see here
  • Mover & Shaker x PBR

    we made a handful of PBR 40 oz bottles for a giveaway!
    they skated great!!

    see here
  • Genesis

    the best brand out of my hometown Seattle, WA.
    lead never follow

    see here
  • Frankie LaPenna

    you ever seen that dude w the giant badonk?
    we designed a board for him with his booty sticking out!

    see here
  • CULT

    made some CULT logo boards for the LA based BMX brand.
    came out super sick!!

    see here
  • C Roy

    made the homies car into a board!
    this dude loves his car more than anyone i know.
    came out so fire!!

    see here
  • 4 LOKO

    this was the best thing to ever happen to me.
    4 loko is near to my heart so to be able to collab with them felt so right

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